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Swiss Youth

To learn about and experience the world, people, cultures and nature, to expand one’s own horizons – this is all also particularly important for young people and extremely valuable for their development. Not everybody has the financial means to do this.
As a professional and modern non-profit organisation, the Swiss Youth Hostels are actively committed to enabling young people, school classes, families and persons with disabilities in particular to experience interaction, activities and experiences outside their usual environment. We firmly believe in the contribution we make towards supporting a society built on the principles of solidarity, responsibility and joyful living.

Davos Youth Hostel

Who we are

The Swiss Youth Hostels are a politically and denominationally neutral non-profit organisation with the legal form of a non-profit association.

The Swiss Youth Hostels Association is responsible for operating the youth hostels in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein, with the aim of establishing a comprehensive network of youth hostels in attractive tourist regions and destinations in all parts of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

The Swiss Youth Hostels are represented by two further independent partner organisations in addition to the Swiss Youth Hostels Association:

  • The Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism is the proprietor of the youth hostels (properties) or leases these for use by the Swiss Youth Hostels Association.
  • The Foundation for Youth Hostels in Switzerland provides financial support in the form of long-term loans for the construction of youth hostels.

Network Map of the Swiss Youth Hostels

Status April 2024

In February 2023, the Burgdorf Castle Youth Hostel started comprehensive renovation work on façades and roofs, to preserve their historic significance. In March 2023, the Scudellate Youth Hostel in the canton of Ticino opened as a franchise operation. The Montreux Youth Hostel has been receiving guests in its newly renovated premises since August 2023.

Engelberg Youth Hostel

Our vision

We envisage a world in which all people can happily experience interaction and joint activities outside their usual environment, while acting in solidarity, as well as conscientiously.

Our mission

We enable people to enjoy truly special moments through sustainable travel experiences and by providing enriching adventures in the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Our goals

Together with the members of Hostelling International, we enable people with limited budgets access to affordable accommodation and catering facilities all over the world. Particularly for young people, this encourages interaction, joint activities and experiences outside of their usual environment and national borders.

We enable families with a small budget access to affordable accommodation with interaction, joint activities and experiences outside of their usual environment. This supports the physical and mental health of the whole family.

We enable schools and educational institutions access to affordable accommodation and catering outside of their usual environment. This enables us to promote school camps and project weeks and to support extra-curricular learning and integration.

We enable groups, which have to take into account people with a small budget, access to affordable accommodation and catering outside of their usual environment. This enables us to promote equal opportunities and integration of people with limited financial possibilities.

We enable people with disabilities access to barrier-free, financially affordable accommodation and catering outside of their usual environment. This enables us to encourage persons with disabilities to be able to participate independently in social life.

This plays a role in shaping a society where solidarity, responsibility and a love of life prevail.


We encourage innovative thinking and action and set a good example. We value tourism research and see it as an opportunity for our ongoing development.

Best of ibex fairstay | wellnessHostel4000, Saas-Fee
Niesen Summit | Milestone Special Prize for Sustainability Strategy 2007
ICOMOS Special Prize | Burgdorf Castle Youth Hostel, distinction Special Award “Historic Hotel of the Year 2022”
Atuprix Audience Award | Burgdorf Castle Youth Hostel, distinction for Bernese architectural culture
Best of ibex fairstay | Pontresina Youth Hostel and Zurich Youth Hostel
Best of ibex fairstay | St. Moritz Youth Hostel
Switzerland’s Best Employer 2021 | 2nd place in the categories Gastronomy, Tourism, Accommodation, Entertainment and Leisure
ICOMOS Switzerland | “Bella Lui” Youth Hostel in Crans-Montana nominated for Historical Hotel of the Year
Hostelling International | “The most Sustainable National Association”
Swiss Environmental Prize | Special award for long-standing commitment and services to environmental and climate protection
myclimate Award | Distinction as a “Pioneer for integrated climate protection in the hotel industry”
Global Youth Travel Awards | 2nd place in the “Green Accommodation Initiative” area
Watt d’Or | wellnessHostel4000 and Aqua Allalin Saas-Fee, Gstaad Saanenland Youth Hostel – winners in the “Buildings and Space” category
Prix Lignum | wellnessHostel4000 Saas-Fee – 3rd place in the Wood Prize of the Central Region
Milestone Switzerland | wellnessHostel4000 and Aqua Allalin Saas-Fee – 2nd prize in the category “Outstanding projects”
“Good Buildings Award” by the cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Land | Basel Youth Hostel
HI-5ives! Awards | Interlaken Youth Hostel “Best Hostel 2013”
HI-5ives! Awards | Interlaken Youth Hostel “Most Comfortable Hostel 2013”
Woodworking | Special award for the renovation and expansion of St. Moritz Youth Hostel
The 50 best annual reports in Switzerland | Winner in the NPO category
ZKB Sustainability prize for SMEs | Distinction for outstanding contribution in the field of sustainable development
Swiss Solar prize | Award in category A “Personalities / Institutions”, for comprehensive environmental management and a pioneering role in environmentally compatible tourism
Award Marketing + Architecture | Award Scuol Youth Hostel, main winner
Award Marketing + Architecture | Award Scuol Youth Hostel, special prize “Green Technology”
Award Marketing + Architecture | Award Scuol Youth Hostel, winner in category “Hotels, Restaurants”
myclimate Award | Award for best integration of CO2 compensation
Hans E. Moppert Prize | Award Scuol Youth Hostel for sustainability in Alpine Tourism
ICOMOS Switzerland | Distinction for Zurich Youth Hostel for its sensitive renovation of a building from the 1960s
Milestone Switzerland | Tourism prize for sustainability strategy
Event Master Award Switzerland | Winner in the “Public Events” category for the 75 events carried out as part of the anniversary celebrations for “75 years of Swiss Youth Hostels”
Goldene Reisekutsche Berlin | Bronze Medal for the basic campaign

Our four pillars of sustainability

Social matters and society

We want to make travel affordable, especially for people with limited financial means. Integration and inclusion for guests (including barrier-free access) is important to us. When it comes to our catering offerings, we ensure a balanced diet with fairly produced products. In our actions, we ensure contact with local institutions and the population.

We support educational measures both for guests and for our employees. We pay particular attention to appropriate, fair wages, social security, fair employment models, integration and inclusion of employees, and an appreciative, meaningful working environment.


We want to continue to play a far-reaching pioneering role in environmental and climate protection. In doing so, we pursue the implementation of effective measures in the interests of a circular economy and act responsibly and out of conviction.


We want to continue to achieve the greatest possible cost-effectiveness, taking into account our values and objectives. We are concerned about sufficient liquidity, adequate reserves and a healthy capital structure. This serves to secure a livelihood and the ability to meet civil society’s objectives in the long term.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on broad financial support from members, benefactors, partners and the public sector.


We want to promote national and international partnerships and cultivate close cooperation with the public sector. Cooperation takes precedence over competitive thinking – together we create real added value for everyone.

We present our values, achievements and results to the public in transparent financial and non-financial sustainability reporting.

wellnessHostel3000 Laax

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